Thursday, 18 October 2007

The girlfriend

Her name is Lesley.

She is Adrian "The Rock" Wong's sweetheart.

The end.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Someone has a girlfriend

Jing jing jing.

Not me, ok!

Congrats to you! Pandai-pandai tau who are you...

Saturday, 13 October 2007

My dear

real love, my dear, is not for sale.
real love, my dear, is hard to find.
real faith, my dear, is far too fake.
real faith, my dear, is just a dream.

Where can it be... in my heart.


It's been close to a year since I last saw you. I thought I had put those memories of you behind me, and I was pretty certain of it till I dreamt of you recently. I don't really know you all that well, not as much as I know my best friends anyway. It's hard to put my feelings into words
, and my vocabulary is severely limited as well.

It'll be gone pretty soon, I think. And pops back up again sometime in the future.


On another note, I met plenty of people I knew/recognized yesterday at Pyramid. It was the first time I actually met so many people I knew on the same day at a shopping complex. Too bad Pui Ling didn't even come up to us and say hi. It was the first time I actually left my house to do something not in my usual routine for over a month since Wong left.

I have the option of going to Laos on November for a month with my brother and see Siew Keat or I could go for a vacation with my own group of friends. The thing is, my group of friends isn't like my brother's. They're all locked down in their prisons by their parents and think they'll fail their exams if they use just ONE day to hang out with their friends. So yeah, there's no guarantee the vacation would work out.

Or maybe it's no big deal and it's all just in my head.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

What I want for my birthday VERSION 2


As what I had mentioned earlier, OLIVIA got this herself. It's a pretty interesting toy as what she said on her website:

Hasegawa san chose the "synchronicity seeker", which is similar to the 8 ball toy. He made it in pendants and rings.. Sometimes I like to look for signs for a hint where to go next. For instance, if the bird flies to the right of me, i'll turn right. If it flies left, I go left. So I thought it would be neat to have little toy that I can have fun with. The "synchronicity seeker" has 4 conclusions written on a circular tab... YES, NO, MAYBE and FUCK. (which probably means you're fucked) and there's a jewel in the center. (the light receiver) So, shut your eyes, spin the miniature wheel with your thumb and wait till you see a spark in your head, or till you know when to stop. (you'll need to figure your own sign) Then STOP!! and wa-la!..... your answer!

The item costs 24675 yen. I have yet to find a correct exchange rate of the price to ringgit, so if anyone could help me, it will be great! I guess it's time for you guys to pool your money together! =D *false hopes*

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

A kitten sleeps

Sometimes, there will be people who will save this kitten from living on the streets. But did anyone ever stop to think for a moment that this feline might have a home somewhere?

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Why do you stare at the sky with your blurry eyes?

A virtual cookie for anybody that gets the title.

Anyone who's guilty of liking musicians based solely (or 90%) on their looks and way of dressing, please leave a comment stating your reasons. For everyone who likes musicians based on their music, do leave a comment too and state your views on this matter.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Tagged by Adrian

List 10 things that a lot of people didn't know about you.

1) I started playing video games since I was 2 years old, my first game being Sonic the Hedgehog (or Sonic the Hedgehog 2).

2) A friend and I nearly got our asses handed to the great Sentiasa Berkhidmat station during Form 4.

3) The only person I truly vented my anger towards someone is ironically one of my best friends (Adrian). Once during Standard 6 for unknown reasons, once during Form 2 when he was irritating me and once during Form 4 due to a plot Tracy and I hatched up.

4) Discovered the Goddess of Music, Olivia Lufkin's brilliant voice and music on 30 November 2006.

5) Once spent 4 hours trying to beat the final boss on Devil May Cry.

6) PWNED Wong and Tinesh with a knife on CS simultaneously this year.

7) Most embarrassing death in CS was when I was lying in wait with my sniper on de_truth when a grenade flew down from the sky and killed me instantly. The culprit? Wong.

8) Began to stray away and despised 90% of mainstream music since I discovered Utada Hikaru on 2002.

9) Sexual intercourse makes humans look like barbarians, in my opinion.

10) I slept with a girl (literally).

Person to be tagged:


Thursday, 4 October 2007

I like guys

What's with the perception that if a guy thinks another guy as hot, he's gay while if a girl thinks another girl is hot, she's normal? It's weird, don't you think so? I think it's pretty normal for a guy to admire another guy's looks just as how he'd admire a girl with beautiful curves.

These are the only two guys whom I think is seriously gorgeous (and talented):

HYDE (singer)

Johnny Depp (actor)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

What I want for my birthday next year

1) Original Liverpool jersey! It's available at the Summit on the arcade/cinema floor. Price is around RM249.

2) L'Arc~en~Ciel's/OLIVIA's/Utada Hikaru's new album! They're all due out next year except for Utada Hikaru's English album which hasn't gain much news yet.

EDIT: L'Arc~en~Ciel's newest album, KISS, will be out on the 21st of November 2007.

3) iPhone!

4) A super-good gaming laptop!

5) A motorcycle license (and a motorcycle)!

6) PS3! Xbox 360! PSP Slim & Lite!

7) A non-boring life!

8) Malaysians to stop whining and not doing anything!

9) Money to go to Ireland to visit Wong or Japan/India/Africa!

10) Someone to sing me any of OLIVIA's/Caroline's/Utada Hikaru's/L'Arc~en~Ciel's/HYDE's song! I don't care if your voice sucks or not, I'll be happy to listen to it! And for you to add a "HSM sucks" after you finished singing (if you agree that it indeed sucks).

11) Dreamcast controllers! You could find them at Subang Parade at the section where the shops there sell mostly computer and electronic stuff. There's a video game shop there that sells 3 of these controllers for RM30 each!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


OLIVIA's "synchronicity seeker". Interesting toy. I love it.


Thanks to Olivia Lufkin's post on her official website.

These items are priceless. They are really beautiful and imaginative pieces of art.

Sunday, 30 September 2007



nee konna katachi no deai shika nakatta no? kanashii ne
anata ni shindemo ayamete hoshiku mo nai onegai
unmei sae nomikomare shizumisou na umi e to

negai yo kaze ni notte yoake no kane wo narase yo
tori no you ni My wishes over their airspace
musuu no nami wo koe asu e tachimukau anata wo mamoritamae
My life I trade it for your pain
arasoi yo tomare!

nee hito wa doushite kurikaeshi ayamachi wo kasaneteku?
shinka shinai dare ni mo nagareru kono chi ga daikirai
honnou de sabakiau dare no demo nai daichi de

sumiwataru mirai ga kita nara kusabana mo heiki ni yadoru darou
My wishes over their airspace
dareka yuriokoshite warui yume kara samashite yo
kanau no nara My life I trade it for your pain
dore dake inoreba ten ni todoku?

ima asayake ga unabara to watashi wo utsusu

negai yo kaze ni notte yoake no kane wo narase yo
tori no you ni My wishes over their airspace
musuu no nami wo koe asu e tachimukau anata wo mamoritamae
My life I trade it for your pain
furimukazu habatake kono omoi wo hakonde ano sora wo tondeku
mirai wa dare ni mo uchiotosenai


Hey, is it that I could only meet you in such a situation? It's sad.
Even should it cost my life, I don't want you to kill. Please...
The destiny is being engulfed deep into the sea

Please, ride on the wind and ring the daybreak's bell
Like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
Cross the countless waves. You are facing the future. Go to protect you now.
My life I trade in for your pain
Stop the fight now!

Hey, why do human beings keep repeating their sins?
I hate this blood that flows in everyone's body without any evolution.
Judging one another with their instincts, in this land that belongs to no one

If a clear future should come, even flowers can reside on the weapons.
My wishes over their airspace
Would someone please wake you up. Wake up from this nightmare now
If my dream should come true, My life I trade in for your pain
How long should I pray until it could reach the sky?

Now the first sunlight shines over the ocean and me

Please, ride on the wind and ring the daybreak's bell
Like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
Cross the countless waves. You are facing the future. Go to protect you now.
My life I trade in for your pain
Fly high without turning back, take this wish with you and fly across the sky
This future won't be brought down by anyone.

Credit to

Liverpool 1-0 Wigan

Liverpool won luckily, to be honest, thanks to Benayoun fooling Titus Bramble (who was giving Liverpool lots of problems) and scoring his first EPL goal just 20 minutes after coming on from the substitute's bench in the second half.

Arsenal won 1-0 against West Ham thanks to van Persie. Can't they stop winning?!

Drogba got sent off in a 0-0 match against Fulham.

Portsmouth beats Liverpool's 6-0 record against Derby by trashing Reading 7-4. That's 11 goals, with an average of one goal every 8 minutes.

Let's pray Manchester United lose their match (or get a draw) against Birmingham in the next two hours.

EDITED: MU won 1-0 thanks to C. Ronaldo.

Friday, 28 September 2007

O-tanjoubi omedetou!

O-tanjoubi omedetou Pui Ling-chan!

Berlaku curang 200-300 meters above ground

You looked pretty tall in the second picture. o.o

Now it's Adrian's time to catch up! Which is pretty soon...

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dear Arsenal...

Can you PLEASE stop scoring goals? -.-

Liverpool, please gain back your form before the international break. Internationals suck anyway. They're a bore to watch.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Will the Tupac Shakur fans recommend me some of his songs? I'm currently getting into rap songs again after listening to some old m-flo and Eminem songs.

Don't matter if you got money, don't matter if you got gold, sonna koto itte sumashiteru kedo, YOU WANT IT LIKE THAT... YOU DO.

You selfish bitch, I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Bye bye José Mourinho

Apparently, José Mourinho was linked to Liverpool while he was managing Porto. As quoted from Wikipedia:

Mourinho publicly stated his preference for the Liverpool job over the Chelsea one. He said: "Liverpool are a team that interests everyone and Chelsea does not interest me so much because it is a new project with lots of money invested in it. I think it is a project which, if the club fail to win everything, then Abramovich could retire and take the money out of the club. It's an uncertain project. It is interesting for a coach to have the money to hire quality players but you never know if a project like this will bring success."

You brought some drama to the game and the arguments we had with you is memorable. With you gone...

Chelsea's fucked.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

When an ex-crush messaged me...

I was sleeping soundly at night when it happened and thought it was just a dream. Woke up in the morning, forgot about it, went to school like normal, bummed around in the afternoon as usual, took my dinner and went to my room to study. A sudden spark reminded me of the dream and I took my phone and checked my messages. Lo and behold, her name was at the top of the list! Life can be really unexpected...

Monday, 17 September 2007

And we keep driving into the night, it's a late goodbye...

So, is there anything new in my life? Nope, it's the same old boring damn life. Backpacking at China with "little Wong's all grown up" and Grace sounds fun but then comes the obstacle of money. Being given 50 bucks per month to survive is okay to me, but when you want to do something big or spend the money going out, it's harsh. And I couldn't work because my mom forbids me to (and I want my Saturdays to be free).

So, Pangkor again? I don't mind completing a hat trick of being there for 3 years in a row.

Here's to Arsenal losing to Derby County 6-0 this Saturday and Manchester United's and Chelsea's players breaking each other's limbs. And Liverpool beating Birmingham City at Anfield.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Why Asian guys can't get white girls

Well, it's Sunday now...

Guess it's gonna be another sunny day. Sunday's always the hottest day of the week. Suits the name, I guess. Life's been boring. I could see now why some people become gangsters. The excitement of being chased by cops, getting into fights... Maybe that's why I indulge myself into video games. To enter worlds which are more beautiful and exciting than reality.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Jijiman is gonna be a real MAN!

In a few hours time.

Jijiman's dad: I'm so proud of you, my son. You have finally grown up.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

8 qualifications to enter Jin's girlfriend candidates list

1) You need to look like this and have this kind of assets:

Leah Dizon. Super "insert chun words here" girl.

She's your sister's age, Grace. A model/Jpop singer. Has a French-American mother and Chinese-Filipino father.

2) You need to rock. Rock like OLIVIA.

Look, she's floating.

3) Loves nature.

4) Loves music/movies/etc.

5) Has a license to kill to protect me from any wannabe assassins (basically, she can kick ass).

6) Smart (boleh masak, cari duit, etc).

7) Mysterious (y'know, like one day she comes up to me and says "I'm actually a secret sex agent. My name is Porn. Jane Porn.").

8) A GIRL GAMER!!! So I don't have to play single-player games all the time at home and there's actually a challenge for me to look forward to.

Can't post much on weekdays because mom is always around. The only time I'm free of her and my dad is on Saturdays cause they're usually out.

Monday, 10 September 2007

I'm bored

I need some excitement in my life.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Times goes faster... and it's the end of the world?

According to my Muslim friend, that is. He said that in Islam, when time seems to move faster, it's one of the signs the world is going to end.

What will you do if you have one day left to live?

I'll probably get myself to Kauai and witness the end of the world as we know it there.

As quoted from Wikipedia:
"The Japanese word for the number six is "roku" (六), which is similar to how the word "rock" is transliterated ("rokku"). So, "666" is "Rock Rock Rock"."

HYDE - Hideaway
Album: 666

Come on and take a walk outside
it's just the day for it
arehateta ashimoto
You've grown a bit of a jungle
minai furi suru akka
It's time to make a stand
chimeishou ni naru mae ni
You've gotta tear it up and destroy

Hideaway - say you're ok
Hideaway - do you wanna stay?
Hideaway - say you're ok
Hideaway - to make a play

You can't avoid it anymore
Let's take a closer look
torimodose kimi no ishi
Dig in and get your hands dirty
sakeyou no nai itami
You've always done before
shihai sareru kurai nara
You've gotta tear it up and destroy

Hideaway - say you're ok
Hideaway - do you wanna stay?
Hideaway - say you're ok
Hideaway - to make a play

Poison circulates It's going to your head now
Do you want to stay?
The way you are today?

Hideaway - say you're ok
Hideaway - do you wanna stay?
Hideaway - say you're ok
Hideaway - to make a play

(It's time)
Are you ready now?
(It's time)
Are you ready now?

P.S. - Britney Spears - Gimme More (her new single)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

OLIVIA - Cupid

In emergencies
I close my eyes
and I see a ghost
I flutter to the light
and pray for lucidity

I can't keep waiting for you
I can't keep expecting you

The sun is turning inside-out of the universe so Cupid Cupid
Please aim your arrow at my sleeping flower
one time
Cupid Cupid
I, won't take it for granted

I wonder about
with my perfume puff
Skipping on the trails
of broken candy cane

I can't keep waiting for you
I can't keep expecting you

The sun is turning inside-out of the universe so
Cupid Cupid
Please aim your arrow at my sleeping flower
one time
Cupid Cupid

I can't keep waiting for you
I can't keep expecting you

I can't keep waiting for you
I can't keep expecting you

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Bye bye Jijiman

Had a last badminton session with Wong at SS17. Kelvin came later, and I spent my time there watching them OWNING every team they challenged till the last one. They were 13-4 down I think, and they managed a miraculous comeback ala Liverpool at Istanbul and won the match. Great way to leave the country, I guess. He's at the airport now with his family but I doubt there will be sob scenes.

Listening to X Japan's Forever Love now. It is Koizumi's (ex Prime Minister of Japan) favourite song.

L to R: Pata (guitar), hide (guitar), YOSHIKI (drums and piano), Toshi (vocals), Heath (bass)

DO NOT JUDGE THEM BY THE PICTURE ABOVE. The band debuted in 1988 and we know how hairstyles and clothes look like last time. AND, GOOD LOOKS DOES NOT = GOOD MUSIC. They're musical geniuses, all of them, especially YOSHIKI, the brains of the group. hide, unfortunately, died in May 2, 1998. He was found hung to a doorknob by a towel at 7:30 am.

A recent picture of YOSHIKI.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Wong's last full 24 hours in Malaysia

So, with Wong going back to Ireland tomorrow, we embarked on a CS session behind my house for an hour from 4 something till 5 something. Met Saaravana there; it's been ages since I last saw him. Wong's BRATZ friend, Kelvin (whom I met last Tuesday on a badminton session at SS17) joined us later. Made a short trip to 7-11; Wong bought some chewing gum.

Kelvin fetched us to Pyramid where we bowled and have Cheezy Wedges at KFC. Grace, her elder sister Erica and their cousin Denissa joined us close to 7. Kelvin have to leave, so Wong and the Tham family got themselves ice-creams. My dad called, so Wong and Grace escorted me to the entrance of Pyramid as I have Lit tuition at 8.15.

Left Wong to his TRIPLEKILL mission alone. :)

P.S. - Arnold, of SMK USJ 8, passed away on Merdeka Day (last Friday) after crashing his car/motorcycle on a road divider. Saaravana and Subhashini told me.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Blind Unicorn

OLIVIA - Blind Unicorn

Everyday I bicker with the city life
When midnight creeps I spinkle holy water on hints
I scrutinize people tread on city lies
and they don't even recognize it
I slip in between the cracks to hollow chase
A time race
Embraced by the demons
Laced up by the government
Feasted by humans
Feasted on humans
Sweat rush fall under the spell
Someone is bound to tell

I crucify my beauty psyche
Anticipate the return of heed
When the doesn't reflect
and keeps moving in one direction
there's no room for my tension to ease
Hesitation cascades
Into the roots that branch down
into the earth
Magnetize look-a-likes
and unconsciously construct a haunted kingdom
with perpetual halls
I pray to god this is only evanescence

I'm riding on a blind unicorn
I'm riding on a blind unicorn
I'm going to throw up now

I have my own ways that I stride
and I'm not going to stride along the lines
of your fucking guidance
Fuck the apocalypse stars
And let me follow my own natural instinct
Unlinked from your universe
And your curse
Immerse my diverse ways of my mind
You make things worse
When you babble on about staying positive
and being good
and keeping sane
and sleeping right
and removing my dirty nail polish
You don't think I fucking know that?

I'm riding on a blind unicorn
I'm riding on a blind unicorn
I'm going to throw up now

It's a great day at Anfield

Liverpool 6-0 Derby

27th: Xabi Alonso
45th: Ryan Babel
56th: Fernando Torres
69th: Xabi Alonso
76th: Andriy Voronin
78th: Fernando Torres

And I remember an MU fan said Liverpool won't make it to the top two this season. Look who's at the top of the table now with an extra game in hand. ¬_¬

Friday, 31 August 2007

And the sun will set for you

Yesterday was a really fulfilling day. Nearly 12 hours out from my house, being in the company of two friends I met nearly every day and two friends which I haven't seen in a long while. In the blink of an eye, we have changed in certain ways, but the nostalgic memories will always keep us together. Like the prick of a guitar string, it vibrates for a few short seconds and then it stops. It's the same for our lives. Our hearts will stop beating one day but the chain of memories will ensure that these people will never be forgotten, as long as the chain is never broken.

Like the shadows of a dream,
An embrace we've never prayed,
And the sun will set free you

As it turns out, the correct lyrics are

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in gray
And the sun will set for you

Whatever the lyrics may be, the melody is something that'll remind me of the summer of 2007, July-August.

What I did on the eve of Merdeka

Taken from Jijiman's blog:

Off to Monash with Grace, Jin, Terr and Erica. Dropped Erica off at her college first then went on to Monash to ask a few questions regarding it as my second choice should UCD fail. Lepas itu, kita orang pegi kutip Djawad in Kota Kemuning, go his house lepak for a while. Noticed that Grace has a pleasant personality / a nice person ( besides being our driver!) Djawad and grace then had a taste of CC then after being persuaded by Terr n Jin. CS WOOT! Kiss kiss bang bang!!

Spicy maggi goreng at some mamak for lunch. Then go play badminton!!
Man...I'm actually goina miss all this. The hanging out with friends, teh 'o' limau ais , badminton ,etc...What to do? Just have to go on with life. Just the way it is...Not that I really have an option....

Some serious badminton followed-paid for an hour and played for 3! Have to use a different exit to avoid the 'jaga' there. ' Saya bagi setengah jam , kamu orang ambil 1 jam lebih...' Cabut time book the courts using a different name and number.Aiyo, lidat next tuesday susah lor...

Continuing with my own words, we dropped Tinesh off opposite Summit before proceeding to Kota Kemuning to drop Djawad off. Sat and chatted around there till past 7.30 before we left for home.

And the sun will set for you.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Gods of Music

Olivia Lufkin (elder sister of Caroline)

Recommended songs:

1) Cupid [English]
2) Celestial Delinquent [English]
3) Blind Unicorn [English]
4) Winter Sleep [English]
5) If you only knew [English]
6) Color of Your Spoon [Japanese/Goídelc] - there are two versions for this song
7) Dream Catcher [Japanese]
8) Bliss Forest [English]
9) Tears & Rainbows [Japanese]
10) Dreamcamp [English]


Recommended songs:

1) MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM (L'Arc) [Japanese]
3) Neo Universe (L'Arc) [Japanese]
4) HONEY (L'Arc) [Japanese]
5) Jiyuu eno shoutai (L'Arc) [Japanese]
8) Shallow Sleep (HYDE) [Japanese/English] - there are two versions for this song
9) Hitomi ni Juunin (L'Arc) [Japanese]
10) New World (L'Arc) [Japanese]

Utada Hikaru

Recommended songs:

1) Beautiful World [Japanese]
2) Hikari [Japanese]
3) Kremlin Dusk [English]
4) Animato [English]
5) Be My Last [Japanese]
6) Final Distance [Japanese]
7) BLUE [Japanese]
8) Deep River [Japanese]
9) Passion [Japanese]
10) This Is Love [Japanese]

Caroline Lufkin (younger sister of Olivia)

1) Bicycle [English]
2) Pink & Black [English]
3) Sunrise [English]
4) Where's My Love [English]
5) Everylittlething [English]
6) All I Need [English]
7) Drove Me To The Wall [English]
8) I'll Leave My Heart Behind [English]
9) Winter [English]
10) Time Swells [English]

This post is especially dedicated to those who think I only listen to Japanese songs. -.-

I don't deny that, however, all the artists mentioned are Japanese.

Utada Hikaru was born in New York and is fluent in English.

Olivia and Caroline are half American-German and Japanese. Both of them were born at Okinawa, Japan.Both of them are more fluent in English and prefer speaking in English. They live in the US now, I think.

HYDE (vocalist)/L'Arc~en~Ciel (band) is a Japanese band that's been around for 15 years. HYDE's solo works have a lot of English songs while L'Arc songs are all Japanese with a few English words here and there.

There, that's it! There are more songs that I would like to recommend, but I think 10 for each artist is enough for now (although Caroline had only released one album so far and that album contains 9 songs. Time Swells is from one of her singles).