Thursday, 11 October 2007

What I want for my birthday VERSION 2


As what I had mentioned earlier, OLIVIA got this herself. It's a pretty interesting toy as what she said on her website:

Hasegawa san chose the "synchronicity seeker", which is similar to the 8 ball toy. He made it in pendants and rings.. Sometimes I like to look for signs for a hint where to go next. For instance, if the bird flies to the right of me, i'll turn right. If it flies left, I go left. So I thought it would be neat to have little toy that I can have fun with. The "synchronicity seeker" has 4 conclusions written on a circular tab... YES, NO, MAYBE and FUCK. (which probably means you're fucked) and there's a jewel in the center. (the light receiver) So, shut your eyes, spin the miniature wheel with your thumb and wait till you see a spark in your head, or till you know when to stop. (you'll need to figure your own sign) Then STOP!! and wa-la!..... your answer!

The item costs 24675 yen. I have yet to find a correct exchange rate of the price to ringgit, so if anyone could help me, it will be great! I guess it's time for you guys to pool your money together! =D *false hopes*

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