Thursday, 26 July 2007


Well, the series has ended with the release of the last Harry Potter book (you thought I was talking about the character? Sheesh!). I finally got to finish it today, and I got to say that:

There isn't enough of Luna Lovegood. After spending 6 days reading the Deathly Hallows which consisted of 607 pages, the story of the Boy Who Lived comes to an end after a decade.

If you really want to know whether Harry lives or dies, boycott MPH, Popular, Harris and Times and support Carrefour and Tesco for selling the books at a cheaper price. Buy the book for only RM 69.90.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Off to Aaron's house

In about 45 minutes time, I'll be leaving my house to make love with a bunch of guys at Aaron's house because we are sad and lonely people.

Actually, it's just a sleepover with Tinesh, Tham, Wong, and maybe more guys (I don't know who else will be going).

And of course...


Friday, 13 July 2007

Seafield the fuckfest school

Ooga booga Seafield is one motherfucking arrogant S.O.B. (that's son of a bitch to you if you don't know) prickhead school who looks down on other schools and is so full of itself it makes me cry bloody tears.

I can't believe the teachers think it's actually right to diss other schools and think they're the best and higher than the rest. Two of my classmates skipped school, got caught by a certain hateful teacher, and this is what they told me happened.

Teacher: What school are you from?
Student: USJ 4.
Teacher: No wonder lah!

WTF? Seriously go die lah cibaibai (my new favourite word which I learnt from a friend)! Girls who have fringe, guys whose hair touches the collar, will get sent to the Bilik HEM immediately. Guys have two choices: get their hair cut on the spot or ask their parents to pick them up from the school and get their hair cut somewhere else.

Pergi matilah perempuan tua berdada lapangan terbang... Pn Tan Chin Chin and Mr Victor I love you two to bits. Even though you two always complain to me about my hair at least you guys are open and sporting about it.

No wonder our great Pengetua of our former alma mater told me this when I took my Form 6 qualification slip:

"Seafield? Mereka tu selalu kutuk sekolah kita. Jagalah nama baik sekolah kita di sana."

Tentulah, Kak Ruby. Kita takkan lupakan sekolah kita yang selalu berilmu, beramal dan berbudi.

Fuck you Seafield.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

My first proper exercise since the last day of SPM

Venue: 3K

Time: 3.50 p.m. - 5.33 p.m.

Activity: Badminton

Participants: Wong, Jin

I finally get to have a real sweating session today. After a year of not playing badminton, my skills had gone down the drain initially but after taking a break for a few minutes, I began to play better like how I used to be (which isn't particularly good, anyhow).

Finally, I get to SMASH (I couldn't do it last year after stopping for a year too). SMASH is something that all badminton players should learn to love and appreciate. SMASH requires speed, power and accuracy (though my SMASHes love to stick to the net). It's always a bonus if you get to hit any part of your opponent's body; head and privates especially.

There were a group of special children playing in the other end of the hall as well.

We went to A&W to get a glass of root beer each.

"Savour the moment."

We drank.


Wong's dad fetched us home. I did my history notes. I squeezed in a few minutes of my time to write this post just like I did the previous one.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Seventh Heaven

Today's date reads: 07/07/07

I spent this supposedly lucky day at Pyramid with Wong, his sister and his brother watching Surf's Up, due to the amazingly long queue at the cinema. The initial plan was to watch Transformers, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. The cinema had undergone some changes, what with it being brought to a higher floor built specifically for it and an arcade centre, and the theater room looked even smaller than before.

How was Surf's Up? Well, it might be a worth to watch if the ticket costs RM3 but since the actual price is RM11 bucks what with it being the weekend, that might tell you something. I hate animated animal movies with a passion now, unless they're directed by PIXAR. Can't the people in Hollywood stop spewing out movies where animals act like humans and let them act like animals for once? Take a page out of Finding Nemo, please!


Yesterday afternoon, "Colin Farrell" and I chatted a bit, and he posted some stupid things to a girl through my Windows Live Messenger account. His name is being kept confidential since he requested for it and I think the girl knows who he is, anyway.

During the night, Wong and I went to Tanjung for a mamak session, with Tham fetching us there. We waited for half an hour for Josh to arrive and had a good old chit-chat session. Apparently, U13 students have a gathering there every Friday night. U8, on the other hand...

After Josh left us at 11 to fetch his younger bro home from Summit, the three of us headed to the CC behind my house for an hour of CS action. We eventually reached our respective homes at 12.

I slept, and dreamt that Kelvin died after crashing his car on a tree and Wong died too (I can't remember how though). It was a horrible dream; I remember feeling incredibly terrible in the dream, thinking "he's only back for two days". Luckily, I woke up and realized it was only just a dream.

I know this post looks like it's written by a 10 year old kid. Trust me, I'm bad at English and my brain is dead.

Listening to: L'Arc~en~Ciel - SEVENTH HEAVEN

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Since the day I started Form 6, I find myself being able to sleep anytime, anywhere. I used to sleep at 2 a.m./3 a.m. everyday during the holidays. Right now, the power and motivation of staying up late has gone. There's really nothing to look forward to in school other than utter boredom so it's better to sleep through it.

Happy Independence Day, America.

Listening to: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Soundtrack - Wood Carving Partita

Sunday, 1 July 2007

July 1st

This signals a new beginning.

One for the music and one for the books.