Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Cbox is gone

Forever. The point for doing so? I would be able to see old comments (if anyone actually leaves comments here).

Where's my love
Now I sing
Hoping someday you'll
Bring our lovely ending

Next post: The Lufkin sisters! I hope...

Picture taken from Caroline's MySpace.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Caroline Lufkin at KLPac

June 23rd, 2007. A day to be remembered. (courtesy of Caroline's MySpace)

Looking at this signboard, the dream is becoming a reality.

I told myself to frame this ticket and hang it up on the wall of my bedroom but I have yet to do so.

It was around 9.50 p.m. when the two and only underaged guys at KLPac (what do you expect? Look at what the majority of Malaysian teens listen to) stood by the stairs leading up to the Indicine hall. There were the staff at counters selling music CDs and Tiger beer cans, some foreigners and college students. And... Caroline's Murmers album!

Slowly, the crowd began to fill the hall and the stairs.

The CD which I always wanted to buy. I finally did.

As the audience of the first show began to leave the room, I began to tiptoe to look into the room, hoping to catch Caroline in my sights. And I did. The feeling that crept into my soul at the moment was something better than a thirsty working man getting his first sip of an eight-year-old bourbon.

We were then ushered to the room (there really wasn't a proper queue, people were just squeezing their way towards the small doors) after getting our tickets checked by the ushers.

Second row from the front. Wasn't bad, though I wondered how the short people behind me are gonna enjoy the gig this way. We were then told by a man to take a seat on the floor (boo hoo, school assembly time). We sat down patiently, eagerly waiting for Caroline to appear.

Equipment used for the gig.

Host: Who're you waiting for?
Crowd: Caroline! Caroline! Caroline!

A door on the right opened, and out stepped Caroline.

"My dear angel." Olivia Lufkin - Dear Angel

The dream hath come true!

Caroline stepped onto the stage behind her Mac laptop with her friend Jason, greeted us and mentioned that it was the first time she had two shows in one night and that she didn't expect many people in Malaysia to know her at all. So was I. I was surprised when I called the booking number only to be told that the first show was sold out. Feeling the world slipping down under me, the sun brightened up as the guy in the phone said that there will be a second show on 10.30 p.m. on the same day.

She is SO beautiful.

Pictures of her at wiki.theppn.org simply couldn't be compared to looking at her standing a few meters away from me. The first thought that entered my mind was "Hola! Olivia resemblance!" She's a living proof that girls with flesh >> girls without flesh.

She sang about 11 songs in the course of 1 hour and 10 minutes, I think. The songs range from Pink & Black, Sunrise, Where's My Love, Everylittlething and Winter. During the concert, she told us of a little story ("it's story time!") of how a drunken guy in Louisiana called her "the b-word" and how Jay tried to teach the guy a lesson and she had to put herself in between them.

I think this is the part where Caroline lets Jay sing a few notes from Where's My Love. You should have recorded this song, KC.

"Oh, they're kicking us out! This will be our last song!"

I think everyone was shocked to hear her say that. It was too soon. We want more. We want more!

After she quit the hall and entered backstage, everyone was screaming "We want more! We want more!" repeatedly. Door opened, and Caroline and Jay jump out smiling. Cheers ensued.

"Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!"

Caroline went on to say something like they couldn't play the song at the moment, and promised to return next time with a "special acoustic version" of Bicycle.

The real final song, Everylittlething.

I kept my eyes on her throughout the whole song (as I did throughout the entire performance) until the very last moments where she steps into the backstage door and disappeared from sight with Jay.

Caroline and Jay (courtesy of Caroline's MySpace)

Caroline Lufkin, electronica/pop/ambient artist. (courtesy of Caroline's MySpace)

A voice that makes angels weep. (courtesy of Caroline's MySpace)

I met Caroline Lufkin. She sang, she smiled, she talked, she bowed, and she was gone. (courtesy of Caroline's MySpace)

P.S. - I just noticed that some kind-hearted souls had uploaded videos of her performance at YouTube. Check them out if you like. Other pictures and video courtesy of KC's phone.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


All right, let's wait for KC and his pictures.