Friday, 31 August 2007

And the sun will set for you

Yesterday was a really fulfilling day. Nearly 12 hours out from my house, being in the company of two friends I met nearly every day and two friends which I haven't seen in a long while. In the blink of an eye, we have changed in certain ways, but the nostalgic memories will always keep us together. Like the prick of a guitar string, it vibrates for a few short seconds and then it stops. It's the same for our lives. Our hearts will stop beating one day but the chain of memories will ensure that these people will never be forgotten, as long as the chain is never broken.

Like the shadows of a dream,
An embrace we've never prayed,
And the sun will set free you

As it turns out, the correct lyrics are

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in gray
And the sun will set for you

Whatever the lyrics may be, the melody is something that'll remind me of the summer of 2007, July-August.

What I did on the eve of Merdeka

Taken from Jijiman's blog:

Off to Monash with Grace, Jin, Terr and Erica. Dropped Erica off at her college first then went on to Monash to ask a few questions regarding it as my second choice should UCD fail. Lepas itu, kita orang pegi kutip Djawad in Kota Kemuning, go his house lepak for a while. Noticed that Grace has a pleasant personality / a nice person ( besides being our driver!) Djawad and grace then had a taste of CC then after being persuaded by Terr n Jin. CS WOOT! Kiss kiss bang bang!!

Spicy maggi goreng at some mamak for lunch. Then go play badminton!!
Man...I'm actually goina miss all this. The hanging out with friends, teh 'o' limau ais , badminton ,etc...What to do? Just have to go on with life. Just the way it is...Not that I really have an option....

Some serious badminton followed-paid for an hour and played for 3! Have to use a different exit to avoid the 'jaga' there. ' Saya bagi setengah jam , kamu orang ambil 1 jam lebih...' Cabut time book the courts using a different name and number.Aiyo, lidat next tuesday susah lor...

Continuing with my own words, we dropped Tinesh off opposite Summit before proceeding to Kota Kemuning to drop Djawad off. Sat and chatted around there till past 7.30 before we left for home.

And the sun will set for you.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Gods of Music

Olivia Lufkin (elder sister of Caroline)

Recommended songs:

1) Cupid [English]
2) Celestial Delinquent [English]
3) Blind Unicorn [English]
4) Winter Sleep [English]
5) If you only knew [English]
6) Color of Your Spoon [Japanese/GoĆ­delc] - there are two versions for this song
7) Dream Catcher [Japanese]
8) Bliss Forest [English]
9) Tears & Rainbows [Japanese]
10) Dreamcamp [English]


Recommended songs:

1) MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM (L'Arc) [Japanese]
3) Neo Universe (L'Arc) [Japanese]
4) HONEY (L'Arc) [Japanese]
5) Jiyuu eno shoutai (L'Arc) [Japanese]
8) Shallow Sleep (HYDE) [Japanese/English] - there are two versions for this song
9) Hitomi ni Juunin (L'Arc) [Japanese]
10) New World (L'Arc) [Japanese]

Utada Hikaru

Recommended songs:

1) Beautiful World [Japanese]
2) Hikari [Japanese]
3) Kremlin Dusk [English]
4) Animato [English]
5) Be My Last [Japanese]
6) Final Distance [Japanese]
7) BLUE [Japanese]
8) Deep River [Japanese]
9) Passion [Japanese]
10) This Is Love [Japanese]

Caroline Lufkin (younger sister of Olivia)

1) Bicycle [English]
2) Pink & Black [English]
3) Sunrise [English]
4) Where's My Love [English]
5) Everylittlething [English]
6) All I Need [English]
7) Drove Me To The Wall [English]
8) I'll Leave My Heart Behind [English]
9) Winter [English]
10) Time Swells [English]

This post is especially dedicated to those who think I only listen to Japanese songs. -.-

I don't deny that, however, all the artists mentioned are Japanese.

Utada Hikaru was born in New York and is fluent in English.

Olivia and Caroline are half American-German and Japanese. Both of them were born at Okinawa, Japan.Both of them are more fluent in English and prefer speaking in English. They live in the US now, I think.

HYDE (vocalist)/L'Arc~en~Ciel (band) is a Japanese band that's been around for 15 years. HYDE's solo works have a lot of English songs while L'Arc songs are all Japanese with a few English words here and there.

There, that's it! There are more songs that I would like to recommend, but I think 10 for each artist is enough for now (although Caroline had only released one album so far and that album contains 9 songs. Time Swells is from one of her singles).

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Football predictions

So far my football psychic predictions hardly failed me and it's the same this season as well.

1) Rooney breaking his leg (HAHAHAHAHA came true)
2) C. Ronaldo breaking his head (in a way, so half true)
3) City beating United (ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOL)
4) Torres scoring against Chelsea (came true, as expected)
5) Gerrard performing magic skills again when Liverpool needs it (didn't happen against Chelsea)
6) Liverpool beating Sunderland (woohoo)
8) Arsenal beating City (woohoo)
9) Portsmouth beating Chelsea (didn't come true :()

Anyway, Tottenham will beat Manchester Untied today for sure or at least get a draw. No way MU's gonna win.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

I got chosen for NS

'nuff said.

Marilah berkhidmat untuk negara ini.

Yang bodoh.

Adrian got chosen, Pui Ling didn't.

Tabik hormat lah saya...

Friday, 3 August 2007

Off to Aaron's House 3

I'm reporting live from Zion, Bandar Botanic.

There's a somewhat pretty girl sitting two seats away on my left. Tonight's host is playing DotA on my right. The other three guys are sitting somewhere behind me joining the host too. As an anti-DotA player, I thought I might bore you with my reporting skills instead.

This is the third week in a row I've been here. Eating, playing CS, doing some online stuff here, etc. The connection of my comp at home has gone crazy, so I think this will be the last post you'll ever see in my blog.

Fare thee well, children.

P.S. What do you think of the works of the Wandering Traveler, which you could see on your right? He's an online friend I made through RO, so do leave a comment on what you think of his posts there once in a while.