Thursday, 4 October 2007

I like guys

What's with the perception that if a guy thinks another guy as hot, he's gay while if a girl thinks another girl is hot, she's normal? It's weird, don't you think so? I think it's pretty normal for a guy to admire another guy's looks just as how he'd admire a girl with beautiful curves.

These are the only two guys whom I think is seriously gorgeous (and talented):

HYDE (singer)

Johnny Depp (actor)


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said... don't say he's hot now. Rather, put it in this way- 'he looks good' a more neutral expression. But if u think othawise-ur choice amigo! :)

Jin said...

No, you see lots of girls going "That girl is hot/sexy!" so I don't see why guys can't say the same thing.

BabyNikki said...

hahas..cuz we're different species my fren..hahas!

well, hyde IS hot n johnny depp is hell sexay~
but i totally prefer gorgeous orlando bloom n chad michael murray over them..

mayb torres too! lolx!

Anonymous said...

pui ling...orlando bloom and chad mm are pretty boys.i hate pretty zac efron.come after my ass la clo.

Jin said...

What made me really attracted to them is their talents. Their talents made them sexy.

So like what Adrian said, Chad Michael Murray and Zac Efron (especially Zac Efron) can fuck off. Orlando Bloom's not as bad as them though.

BabyNikki said...

yerr..i agree tht zac efron is juz a pretty boy n i dun see y all gals thinks hes hot when hes not!

but chad michael murray isn't a pretty boy! hes a hot guy! lay ur comments off my hunk! blehhhhhhh~

Jin said...